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Have you ever dealt with a company, credit card issuer or product you later regretted ever tangling with? Do you wish you could have surveyed some opinions before getting involved? Well here are some resources you can check before making decisions in the future. You can read others impressions and experiences with a company or product and make an informed decision by reviewing:
Internet Newsgroups Such as: alt.consumers.experiences
Access it by your browser/newsgroups reader or just try the excellent Newsgroup Search Engine: . DEJANEWS .(click here) In Newsgroups you can ask questions, leave feedback and share your experiences with others and possibly save them from making the same costly mistakes you made (or hopefully avoided). If you want to file complaints or get information on a business check the links below.
Credit Agencies Complaints
. Equifax . . Trans Union . . Experian . Their Snail Mail Addresses
Major Credit Cards Complaints
. Visa . . MasterCard . . Discover .
. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) .
Telephone, Long Distance & Mail Complaints
. Federal Communications Commission .

Sites to Compare & Research Long Distance Carriers
. FCC Market Sense Site- understanding and comparing costs of Long Distance Carriers .
. TRAC Telecommunications Research and Action Center .
. A Bell Tolls - The BEST UNBIASED Long Distance Telephone Rate Plan Evaluator .

Stop Most Telemarketer Calls and Junk Mail
. A Bell Tolls Telemarketer/Junk Mail Removal .
Legal Complaints and Help
. Securities and Exchange . . Federal Trade Commission . . Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) . . Better Business Bureau . . Free Legal Advice .
Credit Info and Sites for Complaints
. Victims Of Credit Reporting . . Credit Info Center . . Consumer Tips . . National Consumer Complaint Center . . Consumer Action . . Fight Back with David Horowitz . . Consumer Information on the Net . . Complaint Center . . ISP SPAM Complaints . . Credit Card Complaints .
Consumer Complaints Resources
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